Chromatic Crescendo

Color Casting

An explosion of shades transforms the glass into a whirlwind of sensational colors

Glass casting is an innovative technique that allows impressive three-dimensional effects.

The glass paste is heated and poured at a very high temperature on a glass plate, penetrating the surface and creating an exceptional shine as well as 3D effects.

Through tests and studies we’ve developed an innovative technique which makes it possible to apply the tempering treatment after the firing and melting phase, avoiding the occurrence of bursts or cracks in the glass-pane.

An achievement we are also very proud of is a special technique we’ve developed inhouse, that allows the application of the process above described to glass-panes of up to 10 mm thickness, despite the complications of firing and compensating different tensioning. On thick glass-panes holes and recesses can be carried out, making it possible to mount them on large sliding rails (maximum size per each single door 90×240 cm).

Color-cast glasses are used mainly in modern-design spaces to add personality and character, color and high-impact bas-relief effects. Customizations are virtually unlimited, ranging from more or less simple color effects, to slight movements on the surface of the panel, to three-dimensional effects that reproduce a fully textured image.

The beauty and uniqueness of the glass panes produced with the color casting technique lies in the exceptional brightness and in the intensity and depth of the color achieved.

Color casting, with its originality, is the expression of the taste and craftsmanship that makes Made in Italy unique and inimitable.

In recent times, low-cost products have entered the market that imitates traditional lead binding, which is complex and expensive to make. Color casting glass is a convenient alternative for those who want to tastefully personalize their home with a unique, functional, bright and beautiful design element, without resorting to stained glass panels or low-cost imitations.

We combine the excellence of the Italian manufacturing tradition with the newest technologies. All our products comply with the latest safety requirements for indoors and outdoors glass panels.