Our faith through our work

Our journey stems from a religious and spiritual experience gained in the parish groups of the Capuchin church in Pesaro-Le Marche, Italy. That experience inspired a desire to witness our faith by delivering, through our artistic work, a religious message.

A work of art in a church is not simply something beautiful. It must also carry a strong evangelical message. For instance, a female figure representing the Virgin Mary kneeling at the cross must be able to convey the intensity of that moment. Whether it’s a stained glass window, a mosaic or a sculpture, the purpose of sacred art is to make contemplation easier, characterizing a place in a way as to encourage prayer and meditation.

Working on a sacred subject for a stained glass window, my main purpose is to enhance the atmosphere of the place and create an instrument of faith and catechesis.

Stained glass windows were created with the purpose of telling a story. There were depicted episodes from the life of Christ or of the Saints summarizing significant moments or miracles. The first painted window appeared in 1275 in Assisi at the Basilica of Saint Francis, where for the first time in history images were brought to life through light and colors. The result was not only impressive and evocative for the viewer; it was also able to convey and give physical body to a moment in history so that man, over the centuries and through the succession of generations, could draw inspiration from it.

Man is attracted to beauty and receives a teaching from it that remains imprinted on his mind and heart. Thus, through the emotion that it conveys, a stained glass window becomes an act of catechesis. The heroic gesture, performed by a person but marked by the extraordinary nature of miracles, becomes a work of art.

In the same way our work is transformed into witnessing. We’d like to encourage people to be inspired by the Saints of the Church, which were guides to the Christian communities throughout the centuries. Our experience is vivifying their message. That’s our own personal way to translate faith into witnessing.

When music is combined with figurative art, the two together become most powerful.