There’s only one color in our lives that gives meaning to art and to life itself: it’s the color of love.


Since 1990, Lauretana Arte has been creating sacred art manufacts using many techniques. From frescoes, to stained glass windows – painted, hand decorated, leaded, in Dalle de Verre or Tiffany – to mosaics – in glass, tesserae, stones – from sculptures – modeled by hand and made in clay, in cast bronze or resin, in terracotta – to bas-reliefs, Lauretana expertise finds application also in the production of funeral artefacts and monuments.

Among other items, we produce textured glass tombstones, paintings on glass, portraits on glass or mosaic, sculptures, personalized artistic glass windows as well as ceramic mosaics, which offer durability and brightness.

We use transparencies and colors to create atmosphere, illuminate or customize not only funeral monuments but also private chapels and areas of contemplation and prayer designed for private spaces. We create unique and totally personal spaces and personalize them with art and harmony, to suit your taste and to favour relaxation and meditation.

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